All About SVQ’s

What are SVQ’s?

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are offered to those who are already working in a role and are hoping to develop their skills further or gain widely recognised qualifications. They act as a guarantee that someone can do their job to a high standard and that they are competent within their role in their particular industry. There are many SVQ’s for various different sectors in Scotland. Some of these sectors include healthcare, business, construction among many others.

What are the benefits of SVQ’s for your business?

There are many benefits to having your staff go through SVQ’s.

  • They are a cost effective and proven way of upskilling your staff, making your business more compliant, productive and professional.
  • In some industries like healthcare, some workers may be required to undertake an SVQ after a certain amount of time working in that sector by organisations such as the SSSC.
  • Offering SVQ’s to your employees shows you take their career progression seriously and are committed to investing in them and believe in their value.
  • SVQ’s can be done over a period of time and are generally very flexible, allowing the time your staff spend away from work completing the SVQ kept at a minimum.

How do your staff achieve their SVQ’s?

An SVQ is not like a typical formal written exam. In order to achieve their SVQ, the candidate must demonstrate their competence through collecting evidence. The collecting of evidence is often done as part of their usual work routine. The evidence that is collated by the candidate is then assessed against the standards that the SVQ is based on by the SVQ assessor. There are many different ways in which candidates can gather evidence. When the candidate enrols, they will be allocated to one of our experienced assessors who will work with them one-to-one. The assessor will help the candidate build up a portfolio of work which they can use to help achieve their qualification. To find out what deals we are currently running on SVQ’s, click the button below and get in touch.