Case Study – Stephanie Freeland, Health and Social Care Support Worker

Stephanie, a Health and Social Care Support Worker, recently undertook her SVQ level 2 as a means of investing in her personal and professional self-development.

We spoke to Stephanie to find out what she thought of her experience with Kaizen Training.

Please state your name, role and what level SVQ you have carried out

Stephanie Freeland, Support Worker, Level 2

What has your experience of carrying out the SVQ been like?

I found the experience overall enjoyable. It was challenging but I’m so glad I done it! I now feel exceptionally knowledgeable and confident to progress my career and maintain high standards of client care.

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned by carrying out an SVQ?

The most valuable thing I learned through carrying out my SVQ was within critical thinking. This involved developing my skills of ensuring each service user is treated as an individual, offering person centered care while respecting their choices at all times.

What has the communication with your assessor been like?

The communication has been excellent. My assessor fully supported me.

Is there anything that has surprised you or you did not expect about the SVQ?

When working on my reflective practice accounts, I was surprised at how much my practice improved and developed.

What has been the biggest challenge of carrying out your SVQ?

My biggest challenge was putting my thoughts and reflective practice onto paper.

How do you plan to apply what you have learned to your everyday work?

I plan to apply what I have learned in my SVQ in my everyday practice by keeping up to date with policies and procedures, maintaining regular self-reflection/evaluation and developing my skills wherever I can.

What would you describe as being the main benefit of carrying out an SVQ?

The main benefit I gained was that it helped me develop my skills and knowledge while also giving me experience to carry out my everyday work and build confidence.

What has been your experience of using the SVQ Platform?

I found the platform very beneficial and easy to use. Specifically, It helped me become more knowledgeable with workplace policies and procedures.

Is there anything we could have done better/improved on?

No everything was helpful and easy to access

Thank you Stephanie. We wish you the best of luck in your career!

“I would 100% recommend kaizen training as my assessor was great at communicating with me and helped me throughout the whole process.”

Stephanie Freeland, SRS Care Solutions