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Part Eleven: Adult Support & Protection

Most adults can protect themselves from harm and make choices about their own lives. The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 recognises that some adults who are frail and elderly, or who have physical disabilities or mental health problems may be at greater risk of harm, abuse, or exploitation.

Human Rights are everyone’s right – we all have the right to live in a safe, secure community, free from exploitation or harm. Some people need help to ensure their right to live in safety, with good care and support.

Whether employed or a volunteer to provide services to adults who require help, protection, and support, everyone must bear the 4 Rs in mind.

  • Recognise harm to an adult
  • Respond
  • Report
  • Record

Some adults at risk can be harmed by other people or by their own actions. A person being harmed may be too frightened or worried to tell someone. You must speak up on their behalf.


Our Adult Support and Protection course was created to provide up-to-date safeguarding training for the regulated Health and Social Care workforce. Its key aim is to instil confidence in carers and explains exactly what their roles and responsibilities are and what needs to be done if harm is disclosed or witnessed.

The course covers a wide range of topics within Adult Support and Protection and encourages attendees to consider ways in which they can protect vulnerable adults by keeping up with the latest legislation, regulations, policies and procedures and how these may apply to their organisation.

After this course, attendees will be able to:

Identify if a vulnerable client is at risk of harm or is being harmed.

Know which actions to take if harm is suspected.

Understand the legislation surrounding adults who may be at risk

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