Moving & Assistance

Moving & Assistance

About This Course

Working within a health and social care often involves the safe moving and assisting of the people within any care related service.
Our moving and assisting training course is designed to educate participants regarding both the requirements and risks associated with moving people from one location to another and how to do so safely.
Lifting in particular poses a big risk to all parties as poor lifting techniques and incorrect equipment can lead to serious injury. We provide industry standard specialist equipment to assist throughout the practical training sessions – ensuring staff know when and how to use it while following the safest techniques.
Our moving and assistance course is carried out over the course of two days with day 1 consisting of theoretical practice and day 2 consisting of using the various pieces of equipment, familiarising yourself with the different lifts and procedures and ensuring high levels of confidence in each individual before moving on.

After this course, staff will be able to:

  • Be able to demonstrate safe lifts and move clients in a dignified and respectful way.

  • Be able to assess the associated risks.

  • Understand relevant Health and Safety Legislation.

  • Know how to protect yourself and the people using the service from unsafe manoeuvres.

Packages can be tailored to suit your individual business requirements. For bespoke quotes or more information please get in touch with us on: 0141 648 4435 (refresher courses also available)

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