Kaizen offers a wide range of eLearning courses designed for the healthcare and hospitality industries.

eLearning is any type of learning which takes place electronically. This is most commonly through online courses taken over the internet, where candidates only need an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile device to learn.

In this short blog we’ll highlight the advantages of eLearning:


Our eLearning platform is the most intuitive way to deliver content and is quite simply more cost-effective than traditional training. Our prices for eLearning are competitive and purse friendly. You’ll also cut down on costs by eliminating fees for materials, travel, and trainers.


eLearning saves you money but also saves both you and your employee’s time. Did you know that eLearning reduces your employee’s learning time by as much as 60% when compared to traditional learning?

Whilst all our courses allow for learners to work through at their own pace, on average they take approximately 30 minutes to complete. They’ll learn more and be up to speed in a shorter period.


Our platform has been designed to make it easy for your employees to learn, no matter where they are. Available 24/7, our eLearning is accessible through any device with an internet connection, allowing employees to access training when they have the time and capability to do so.


eLearning isn’t just financially savvy; it’s also better for the environment.

Distance learning courses consume an average of 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions per candidate than conventional face-to-face courses.

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